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Taylor A. Leach

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I am a web developer, mobile app programmer, and maybe even part graphic designer based in beautiful British Columbia. I was first introduced to web design at the age of 12, and have always enjoyed working with computers. As a child I spent my time viewing web page source code trying to decrypt how it all worked.

With the industry being so dynamic, being able to keep up to date with the latest technology is what makes what I do so interesting.


North Island College

Interactive Media Web and Mobile Application Development Diploma April 2017

My time at the college was eye-opening. I learned so many valuable skills ranging from working with today's popular programming languages to working cooperatively on larger projects in a team environment. Some of my favorite courses were JavaScript, iOS development with Swift, Ruby on Rails, and HTML5 Games.

Highland Secondary

Dogwood Diploma 2012

Thought I'd put this in here to fill up some space. Although there weren't any coding classes available at my high school, graphic design was offered which was probably my favorite course. I got the highest mark in the class and ended up landing a paid side job for one of the janitors who saw my work hanging in the school hallway.


GetintheLoop Marketing

Mobile Application Developer December 2017

Although my time at GetintheLoop was brief I learned so much. Working with such a great group of people was a wonderful experience. I joined the team to help with the continued development of the mobile applications and specifically focused on iOS. Jumping into such a large codebase was a challenge, but I learned something new every single day. MVVM design patterns, tweaking customized layouts, working with GPS, and hunting down bugs.


During my time at the college, I got involved in programming for mobile platforms including both iOS and Android. Some other web technologies I know are SASS, version control with Git, WordPress, Drupal, time management platforms including Asana and Toggl, as well as general project management paradigms.

Leveraging my widened range of knowledge in these areas should hopefully give me an advantage in the development community.

  • iOS & Swift 4
  • JavaScript
  • CSS (SASS)
  • HTML5
  • Photoshop
  • Ruby On Rails
  • Wordpress


  • Working with Taylor was a joy, he knows what he's doing and he's committed to doing it well. He is open to taking criticisms and gives valuable feedback. He knows when to speak his mind to better a project, and knows when to trust the process.

    Ian McKenzie
  • Taylor is always up for a challenge. He knows his limits, but he is constantly pushing to break those limits and widen his horizon. Moreover, he is a great friend and a nice human being (computer nerd) who always gave me ride to the college.

    Sid Parmar
  • Taylor is a hard-working, reliable employee who is loyal and always on time.

    Dave Dumesnil